The Working Men’s Store Fire

On Friday, December 22, 1933, the Working Men’s Store in the Campbell building on North Warren Avenue, was completely destroyed by fire.  Flames spread rapidly over an entire block and were stopped only by a heavy brick wall on the McLaughlin building containing Rubin’s Department Store.

     Firemen from both Apollo and Vandergrift Fire Departments battled the blaze for over three hours.

     The Working Men’s Store occupied the first floor of the Campbell building and the Apollo Realty Company, W.E. Orr Real Estate, and Charles Reilman Law Office were housed on the second floor.  Adjoining the Campbell building were Charlie Carr’s Confectionary and Billards Parlor on the first floor with apartments on the second floor.  The third building burned was owned by R.S. Johnston and was occupied by Joe Solene’s Shoe Shop and George Uptegraph’s Barber Shop.  All the buildings were completely gutted.

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