Mission Statement: The Apollo Area Historical Society was formed to bring together those people interested in the history of the Apollo Area.  The Society’s major function is to discover, collect, and preserve materials of an historical value to the area.  The Society will make accessible such materials at times and places for the development of historical interest.

2016 Officers & Board pictured above from left to right. Front row Denise Flickinger, Becky Kane, Sue Ott, Alan Morgan.  Back row Harold Geiger, Jan Lackey, Dolly McCoy.

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2023 Officers

President: Denise Flickinger
Vice President: Sue Ott
Treasurer: Bill Miller
Secretary: Alan Morgan

2023 Board of Directors

  • Robert Kane
  • Jessi Casella
  • Bonnie Kautz
  • Dolly McCoy
  • Sue Casella
  • Sherry Miller

Original AAHS Officers

original officers of AAHS(1)
1970: The officers of the newly formed Apollo Area Historical Society look over a reproduction of an 1824 deed from the Drake Log Cabin. From left are Mr. Farrell Bash, Mrs. Virginia Seevers, Mr. Laird Boarts, and Mr. Howard Fulton. From the Apollo News Record, September 16, 1970.

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