Business & Industry

From brickworks to steel, and from textiles to retail, Apollo has been home to a wide variety of businesses.  Click on the menu above to visit several Apollo businesses.  We will continue to add more in the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Business & Industry

  1. Do you know the name of the bakery on Main in the early 50’s & the clothing store and also was there another movie show beside the Strand?


    1. According to our president, Denise Flickinger, “There was a clothing store called Rubins. Several others also. There was the Woodie and also one called the Warren, which may have been one and the same over time. Dixon’s was the bakery , but several others also existed. But in my time I only remember Dixon’s. That would be the 60s.”


  2. Thanks for the info.Iwould like to order the book (Windows to Apollo’s Past)& the DVD (Apollo in the early 1960’s). Can you help me with this? Also any other businesses on main Street during the 50’s&60’s


    1. Hello Judith. Would you send me an email at so we can get your order together. Thank you.


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