Apollo Woolen Mill

Apollo Woolen Mill
The Mill under construction

 In 1908, Mr. W.U. Flynn organized a stock company to produce woolen items and sold stock to several Apollo residents.  The first president was Mr. T.A. Cunningham, and the secretary-treasurer was Mr. J.M. Hankey.  The factory was located in Peg Town, now North Apollo, and employed about 30 people.

The company manufactured woolen blankets and other woolen material.  During World War I, they manufactured woolen army blankets and other woolen material for World War I uniforms.

After the war, larger companies could manufacture the same products more cheaply.  It was no longer a profitable business and the factory was closed in 1920.

The picture below shows the Woolen Mill display at the AAHS Museum. There are samples of woolen materials made in the Mill, as well as pictures of the Mill and a Share Certificate.

Apollo Woolen Mill

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