Racket Store Fire

On Friday, October 20, 1911, W.B. Miller’s Racket Store was completely destroyed by fire.  A delay in the central alarm system hampered a more effective response to the fire.  By the time the Apollo Fire Company arrived on the scene, the fire was completely out of control.  Assistance was needed, therefore the George G. McMurtry Fire Department in Vandergrift was activated.  The extensive heat from the fire ignited the Guthrie residence located on the corner, causing great damage.  With great effort the Guthrie residence was saved from total destruction, although all the furniture and household goods were ruined.  Total damage of the fire was estimated at $25,000 with both the Guthrie and Miller building insured to half their value.

The tree located across the street from the Racket Shop was destroyed by the flames. The AAHS has a ladder that was made from the wood of that tree on display at our museum.

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