Drug Stores and Pharmacies

There have been at least four drugstores in Apollo since 1916.  Wyble’s Pharmacy, one of the oldest, has recently been closed.  Frank Wray had a drugstore on the corner of Warren Avenue and North Second Street.  John Wyble worked for Mr. Wray and when he became a registered pharmacist, he bought the building from Mr. Wray in the early 1920’s.  Mr. Wyble changed the name of the pharmacy to Wyble’s Drug Company.  He continued to operate the business until 1961 when he sold it to George Maggio.  Mr. Maggio was graduated from pharmacy school in 1956 and after purchasing Wyble’s Drug Company, he incorporated and continued to operate it under the trade name Wyble’s Pharmacy, Inc.

Charles Bollinger had a drug store on North Fourth Street. It had a soda fountain and served ice cream. The customers sat on wire backed chairs at little round tables that were typical of the ice cream parlors of that era. Mr. Bollinger died in the late 1930’s and John Wyble operated a branch drug store there for several years.

William Gray had a drug store at the corner of Warren Avenue and North Eighth Street from 1910 until 1924 when Mr. Gray went to work at the Apollo Steel Company.

Mr. W.F. Pauly opened a drug store in Apollo in 1894. His boyhood home was in Greenville, PA. He was graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1892. His store was located in a part of the Chambers Hotel near the Apollo Trust Company building. As part of his service to the community he registered births at the county Court House as they were reported to him by the doctors in the community. His sons, William J. who was also a registered pharmacist, and Franklin worked in the store and continued to operate it until 1964.

Mr. Dom Maietta was graduated from pharmacy school in 1941, but was inducted into the armed service. On his return to civilian life in 1946 he worked for Mr. Wyble. In 1961 he opened his own store in the North Apollo Plaza.

Taken from “Apollo Past and Present 1916-1976”

Around 1967, while the new plaza was being built, the Wyble’s building also underwent renovations.  The back wall of the two story brick building was knocked out and a one story addition was added on a concrete slab.  You knew you were in the addition because of the steps down into the rear of the building.  Tony Difilippo began working at Wyble’s Pharmacy in July 1968 while he was in high school.  He became interested in becoming a pharmacist and attended the University of Pittsburgh where he graduated in 1975.  Tony bought the store in 1980 from George Maggio and ran it for over 40 years.  He has been a great supporter of the Apollo Area Historical Society and sold the AAHS memorabilia at his countertop for many years.

Following are photos of the various drugstores.

The next slide show presents Wyble’s Pharmacy through the years.

For some reason, Young & Co. Druggists, were not mentioned in either Dr. T.J. Henry’s book or the Apollo Past & Present 1916-1976. It was located on the corner of Warren Avenue and N. 8th Street.

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