The Held Family

Daniel being the 7th child of Frederick & Susanna Held, married Rose Pearl Riggle at age 27 in May, 1916. They lived in N. Apollo all their lives. He was a plasterer and had a business. Also he was Post Master of N. Apollo. Daniel started a grocery store in 1936 on 16th Street, N. Apollo. As his children grew, they had jobs working for their parents.
The first store was a Clover Farm Store, built in 1936. Daniel also helped start a warehouse called Kiski Stores in Pegtown. He was on the first Council of N. Apollo. He was one of the first Fireman of N. Apollo and helped to build the N. Apollo fire hall. Daniel helped to get streets in N. Apollo opened up & built.
Dan and Rose had 7 children. Daniel Jr. and Clair were the two youngest boys.

In 1960 Daniel Sr. decided to retire. He gave the store to his sons. In 1960 they decided to build across the street, corner of 16th and Allison Avenue. Land was bought from Mrs. Varner in November. Trees were cleared & the building was removed as the groundwork began. In March 24, 1961 the footer was poured. The Grand Opening for Held’s Foodland was on Oct. 13, 1961. Later the store was changed to the Red & White Foodmart and then to Held’s Shop & Save. The picture to the left is Daniel Jr. and Margaret Connor in 1961 or 1962.
After building on 3 times to the store, Daniel Jr. decided to retire.

Clair and his daughter Connie ran the store until April 18, 2001. A garbage man, picking up the town garbage, noticed flames coming out of the roof in the back of the store. Around 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, the family all got calls from the neighbors. All they could do was watch the building burn.
Clair and his grandson were at camp. The State Police woke them at 5 am to come home, as of the sad news. Of course they had KDKA on the radio and got the news on it all as a reporter was here.
Clair wanted to rebuild for the town people. They had a store in N. Apollo since 1936. His two daughters who worked with him decided to start planning and checking things out. A new store opened on August 15, 2002; a new Shop & Save. The owners are Connie, Karen, and Scott, 3rd generation Helds. Of course Clair is there every day, straightening shelves and having coffee, talking to old friends, and putting in his 2 cents worth according to his wife Pearl.

North Apollo is the Held Family’s town. Three generations have lived there all their lives.

Frederick Held, died age 103

Son Daniel, died age 91 started store in 1936

Grandsons Clair & Dan Jr., still living, Sons

Great Grandchildren, Clair’s family, Connie, Karen, & Scott Owners of present day store.

Thanks so much to Pearl Held for the information.

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