First Evangelical Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church
Postcard of Church

The First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Apollo was organized in March 1859 as Union Evangelical Church.  The first building was dedicated in 1863.  It was enlarged in 1887.

From the History of Armstrong County, Chapter 10; by Robert Walter Smith (Chicago, IL: Waterman, Watkins, & Co., 1883):

The Union Evangelical Lutheran church edifice, frame, 38X50 feet, situate on the second lot below Church street, on the southerly side of North street, was erected in 1861. Members, 105; Sabbath-school scholars, 80. Pastors: Revs. John A. Delo, James Wefley, and M. Colver, the present one. This church was incorporated by the court of common pleas of this county. The charter is dated June 2, 1862, and its charter officers were John A. Delo, pastor; Philip Long and Isaac Townsend, Jr., elders and trustees; James Fair and C. Kepple, deacons and trustees; and its charter members were John H. Townsend, S. Truby, George Gumbert, J.F. Cline and Isaac Townsend, Jr.


A new Lutheran Church building was erected on the corner of PA & N. 3rd St. in 1926.

The Lutheran Church building today, photographed in 2016.

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