Apollo, Elders Ridge, and Apollo-Ridge School Districts

A Brief Time Line of Apollo, Elders Ridge, and Apollo-Ridge Schools

  • 1810:  Earliest records of a school house built in Maysville.
  • 1822:  Log school house built on land owned by Benjamin Schirmer.  Building was owned by Robert and David Wray.  Students ranged from five to 20.
  • 1839:  Elders Ridge Academy was founded by Rev. Alexander Donaldson.
  • 1848:  Apollo incorporated two log school houses.  Old State Road above Riverview Cemetery.  Second near Owens Farm.
  • 1850:  School house built at PA and South Third Street.  Purchased by Alexander Henry for $100 and eventually converted into a home.
  • 1863:   Apollo Public School built. It had to be expanded due to increase in enrollment.
  • 1876:  The area had 13 school houses.  Average student body was about 370.  Nine male teachers, four female teachers.  Average school year was five months.
  • 1901:  Eight room school built.  Apollo Grade School built behind the Apollo Public School.  The cost was $9,559.
  • 1913:  Apollo High School built.  It was a two-story school that had nine rooms.  The cost was $30,000.
  • 1931:  Apollo Area High School was built across the street.  North Second and PA Avenue.
  • 1933:  Elders Ridge High School built.
  • 1950:  Apollo, North Apollo, and Kiski Township formed the Apollo Area Joint School System.  North Apollo paid $2,960 per year, while Kiski Township paid $6,190.91 per year.  Mr.  Herbert Schneider served as principal until 1958.   Mr.  Charles Davis replaced him.
  • 1959:  Kiski Township tried to secede from the system.  PA Supreme Court denied request. 
  • 1969-1970:  Elders Ridge merged with the Apollo Area Joint School System.
  • 1973:  Construction began on the new high school in Spring Church.
  • 1975:  Students began at the new high school.
  • 1988:  Middle school opens next to the high school.
  • 2004:  New elementary school opens in Spring Church, thus having the entire school district on one campus.

Various school buildings through the years…

Elders Ridge Academy https://apollopahistory.com/elders-ridge-academy/

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