Baustert’s Swimming Pool

We don’t know much about this swimming pool in Washington Township except it was quite popular. We believe it was behind the firehall. If anyone has any stories or pictures to share, please do so. Thanks!

From an email from Mark Locher:

I was looking over your website and think I have a bit of information on the exact location of Baustert’s Pool AKA “Kiski Park Pool”. You have it noted that it was somewhere behind the fire hall. Here’s a little story. Back in the late 80’s when I was in high school quite a few of us would skateboard in the pool. We called it Kiski Park Pool.

If you pull up and type in Apollo, PA as your location then slide the map to the intersection of 66 and 380 . Click on aerials, then each year in the listings and enjoy your trip though time. The first copy paste screen shot is 1952. The dark triangle type object I believe is the pool. Please note that it IS copyrighted material so can not post – but if you do a membership for a month or 6 months I think you can download low res images. It might be cool to have aerials photos added for all of “places and buildings” on your list. The screen shot copy paste is Google Maps with an approximate pinned location of the pool.

I was not a fan of history growing up but have grown to love it over the years. I also metal detect as a hobby and do extensive research trying to find old maps and potential places to detect on public property and permission detecting on private property. That’s how I found the aerial website. If you need someone to detect a historic private property/business to find items for maybe a display I might be able to help. I live about 45 min away for the area now so would do my best. I do not detect in these drought conditions. The ground is too hard and do not want to hurt the grass in any way