Apollo United Presbyterian Church

Calvin United Presbyterian Church was organized about 1830.  The first church building was erected in 1868.  It was 32 x 45 feet. There was no cellar excavation.  It was a hewed mortised frame building.  The weatherboarding was put on in a perpendicular position and the seats were homemade.   The building pictured here was built in 1885 and was about 38’ by 65 ‘ divided into rooms with folding doors between.  In a short time the building was raised, the cellar excavated and a wall built.  This furnished 2 good rooms in the basement. A  parsonage was erected in 1891 and was located diagonally across N. 2nd Street from the church.   The building was extensively remodeled around 1912 with an addition put to the west side, making the building 48’ by 65’.  This including moving the pulpit from the south end of the sanctuary to the west side with a new pipe organ installed.  This plan then gave five separate rooms downstairs.  New seats, new pulpit furniture, and new glass in the windows greatly improved the usefulness and attractiveness of the sanctuary.  The seating capacity was in excess of 400.  In 1953 another building project was undertaken with the addition of 6 new Sabbath School rooms, a pastor’s study, washrooms and a new and enlarged kitchen.  The congregation merged with the Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1970 and began meeting in the current UP building as the Apollo United Presbyterian Church.

Warren/Westminster Presbyterian Church was a part of the Poke Run Church as early as 1814 with Elders James Guthrie & James Jackson providing services.  Meetings were held in Samuel McKee’s barn.  When lots were laid out in 1816, 2 lots were donated for a meeting house, school, and cemetery. The stone church was built in 1826.  The Warren Presbyterian Church was renamed Apollo Presbyterian Church in 1848.  In 1878 a red brick & stone building was built about 200 feet from original bldg.  The first pipe organ was installed in this church in 1896 and the first organist for the new pipe organ was Miss Bess Jackson, the mother of actor Jimmy Stewart.  She was organist for about 10 years.  The present day church was built in 1906.  The stones were quarried from the Hilty farm south of Apollo by Mr. TM Willard with helpers.  Mr. Willard dressed the stone & laid them up while some present members and others helped by mixing mortar, carrying it and the stone to the builders.  In 1968 a new Education Center was constructed to accommodate Sunday School classes and the administrative offices.  It was known as the Westminster Church at the time of the merger with Calvin United Presbyterian in 1970.  It is now the Apollo United Presbyterian Church.