General Samuel Jackson Home

The Jackson house, located at 411 Terrace Avenue, is unique in local history.  It was the home of one of Apollo’s most noteworthy citizens and is one of the few remaining houses in town that has remained largely untouched by time.

The house was built in 1883 for General Jackson by C.Y. Hilty, an accomplished local carpenter.  The 20 room house was Italienate in style, unique in late Victorian times.  Early in the 1890’s a large front porch and rotunda were added, lending certain Queen Anne characteristics to the house.  The original cost of building the house was about $6,000.  The cost of the porch and other additions was around $1,000.

When completed, the house boasted many amenities unique to Apollo homes.  It was the first home in Apollo with indoor plumbing, and the only house in town to have a carriage house on its grounds.  The home was the largest in town, being the only building, aside from the Chambers Hotel, to have four floors.  The house was often visited by actor Jimmy Stewart and his sisters, who spent much of their summer times with their grandparents, Gen. and Mrs. Jackson.

After many years of neglect, the house was purchased in 1967 by Paul & Juanita Kardos who restored the old buildings to their original condition and operated an antique shop in the carriage house.

Today the Jackson House serves as a living testimonial to the spirit of one of Apollo’s forefathers, as well as a visible reminder of how life was over a century ago.

Thanks to the “Apollo Septiquin Centennial” Book for this excerpt.