Since we are a small non-profit organization, the Apollo Area Historical Society always appreciates monetary donations. Checks can be sent to the Apollo Area Historical Society, PO Box 434, Apollo, PA  15613.

All donations are tax-deductible. The society is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization.

The Apollo Area Historical Society also accepts secure online donations through PayPal using your major credit card.  Click here for the Paypal charity link.

Memorabilia. In addition, the Society aims to expand our collection of local artifacts, so we’re grateful for donations of Apollo area memorabilia.

If you find something that exemplifies Apollo’s history, we would love to display it.  If you’re not certain that we would want it, please bring it to the museum anyway.  We’ve been given many historical “treasures” through the years that we are so pleased to share with the visitors to the museum.  Our current “wish list” of memorabilia includes: 

  • Artifacts, Yearbooks, Photos, Gym Uniforms and a football helmet from Apollo-Ridge High School.  
  • Artifacts and photos from the 1960’s Legionettes & the 1980’s Rainbow Connection Marching groups.
  • Photos and Artifacts of Apollo, Elders Ridge, and Apollo-Ridge Schools.
  • Photos from the 1991 Septiquin-Centennial Parade.

We also accept items “on loan” and will return them after they have been displayed.

So, check your basements, closets, and attics and you too may find hidden treasures!

Please continue to remember the Society with your donations of various items such as stamps, envelopes, cleaning supplies, small easels, copy paper, envelopes, trash bags, and paper towels. Any such gift enables us to use our funds for ongoing projects and our Sunday Evening Series & other programs.

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